Rigby Recreational Routes


What is Rigby Recreational Routes (R3)?

 Rigby Recreational Routes, or R3 is Rigby Middle School’s amazing after-school program. It is dedicated to bringing amazing classes to students for amazing prices. Our school is made up of amazing teachers that not only love the subjects they teach, but they love doing other activities. Those activities are what makes up the R3 after-school program. The amazing teachers at our school bring what they are good at and passionate about to teach the students at Rigby Middle School.

Who is R3 for?

Anybody 10 and up are welcome! Adult, student in Jefferson county School District, or a student of another school district are welcome. We literally mean anyone 10 and up. Sign up if you would like and bask in the amazing classes offered during R3 at Rigby Middle School.

When is R3?

R3 is after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4-5 p.m. Transportation is not provided for students after-school. Please arrive promptly at 5 to pick up your child.

How do I sign up for R3?

To sign up for R3, click the registration button below. Please feel free to watch the how-to video below for any help. Once you have clicked the button below, you will be redirected to the R3 registration page. Fill out the form and then click checkout.

[button type=”ox_button btn_xlarge” url=”http://rm.jeffersonsd251.org/r3-registration” target=”” button_color_fon=”#00c0ff” ]REGISTER[/button]