Keyboarding Games

Disclaimer:Although I have checked these games and their resident sites, I have not had the opportunity to check every word/phrase to be typed nor all ads that might pop up. Also, please realize that sites change often.  As much as possible, I’ve tried to choose sites that have few, if any ads, but if a word, phrase or ad does pop up that might in any way be considered offensive, please let me know, and I will remove the link.


Students may not: 

  • leave the page accessed via the button for any other page, even if located on the same site
  • post scores online
  • rate games or sites
  • play non-keyboarding games or keyboarding games for which there is no button
  • play without “internet permission” as indicated on the registration form
  • go straight to the internet: access must be through links sent to the student computer by the instructor