Intro. to Computers: TNelson

Lab Availability

Mornings: T-F, 8:05-8:30 (except when I am in meetings)
Last 20 minutes of lunchtime, both grades, except Tuesdays.
Afternoons: 3:40–4:00, M, T, TH
FLEX: any day 10:05-10:35
During Flex, all my students are welcome to come–if room is available, but priority is given to those students with white cards  (students who have non- passing grades in the class).
If I am teaching a FLEX class, that class has priority, but I will still allow other students to come in to work as long as they can work quietly without assistance.  Otherwise, they will need to plan on another day.
Friday is priority day for essential (elective/exploratory) classes.

Please note that Intro. to Computer classes are on an A/B (maroon/gold) schedule; so students have the class every other day–but for a longer period of time than were the class every day. Students may come to the lab to catch up during any of the times listed above, not just on their class days.


About Techniques: the Techniques grade is based on how students type. It includes the following categories: Focus, Fingering, Positioning (Angles), Posture, and Distance

Focus: student keeps eyes on the screen, not on his/her fingers

Fingering: student uses the correct reaches for each key, keeps his/her fingers near their keys, keeps one thumb tucked out of the way, uses the ; finger for Enter and the thumb for the space bar, and does not resort to pick and peck typing.

Positioning (Angles): student keeps his/her wrist rest near the edge of the counter, keeps his/her wrists on the wrist rest, and keeps his/her chair, body, wrist rest, keyboard and monitor aligned. Student’s legs are about 3-5 inches below the counter.

Posture: student sits up straight, no slouching, slumping or hunching, no crossing knees or ankles, no sitting on legs

Distance: student sits so that his/her elbows are down from and slightly forward of the shoulders. There should generally be a gap of about five inches between the student and the counter.

Notes on the Techniques grade:  x2, x3, etc. means the student has been observed displaying incorrect techniques that number of times. A + means the student is showing improvement in that area and has gained some points back.