Frequently Asked Questions

What is FLEX?

  • FLEX is a program that offers additional instructional time for students. This instruction is designed to meet the needs of individual students and is appropriate for both remedial and enriched learning. FLEX gives students time to make up work for absences, get help with projects, redo tests and quizzes, and complete missing assignments.

How do you determine where a student goes for FLEX?

  • If students have grades below a C- or have any missing work, they must report to the class in which they have the highest failing percentage. So, if a student has a 67% in one class and a 50% in a different class, the student would go to the class in which s/he has 67%.
  • However, as of January 2017,  there are priority days for all subjects:
    • Monday: Science/Social Studies
    • Tuesday: English
    • Thursday: Math
    • Friday: Essentials (Elective and Exploratory classes)
  • So, if a student has a non-passing grade in any subject, on that subject’s priority day, the student will attend that class for FLEX, even if s/he has a higher failing grade in a different class.
  • Students may also be designated to attend a FLEX class if the teacher(s) thinks they need extra time and assistance to master a concept. Students who are passing all classes, turning in assignments, demonstrating mastery and doing what is asked get to CHOOSE an activity to attend during FLEX time.

When is FLEX scheduled?

  • FLEX begins immediately after first period and lasts for 30 minutes. Students attend FLEX every day except Wednesdays and other shortened schedule days.

When will students get a FLEX report card and how do they use it?

  • Students who are not passing a class (or who have an Incomplete grade) will receive a FLEX report card at the end of first period. S/he uses the report card as a pass for gaining entry to the classroom for remedial help.

Where do students go when they do not have a FLEX card.?

  • If students do not receive a FLEX report card, students will choose a FLEX activity to attend. Typically, the library, gym, auditorium and specified classrooms will be open for activities/enrichment classes.

What do students do if the teacher listed on their intervention report card has a FLEX session that day?

  • Teachers will post signs near their doors that list when they have an intervention or a FLEX activity. If a teacher is not available for intervention because the teacher is scheduled for a FLEX activity that day or if the room is full, students must report to the teacher for which they have next lowest percentage. Teachers will not have other activities scheduled on priority days for their subject.

Will students go to their locker before and after FLEX?

  • If they are going to a FLEX activity they will drop off their belongings. If they are going to an intervention they must get the required materials that they will need in order to be productive during that intervention.

What happens if students lose their FLEX report card?

  • Students must give their report card to the teacher upon entering the classroom for FLEX intervention. Students with no pass must report to the office.

If students finish their work in Intervention in 10 minutes, may they go to a FLEX activity?

  • No, they may not. We encourage students to carry a library book with them.

May students go to a class for intervention if they do not have FLEX report card?

  • Teachers will decide on a daily basis if there is space for the student and if instruction is conducive to that student’s needs.  If not, the students must report to a FLEX activity.

What if the FLEX activity a student chooses is full?

  • Students should always have a second FLEX choice in mind. If the door is shut or the teacher turns a student away because of full capacity, the student must quickly choose a different FLEX activity.  If students need help finding a backup activity, they may look on the hall posters or ask an administrator.

May students change rooms during FLEX?

  • Students must stay in their original FLEX choice for that day.  They may choose a different activity the next time they receive a FLEX report card.
  • If a teacher wishes to send the student to another teacher’s classroom, that should have been arranged beforehand.

What if students have a FLEX report card and just need quiet places to do homework, read, or work on a computer?

  • The library will be available for quiet study, homework, computer use, and leisure reading.

Will 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students attend the same activities?

  • Activities held in the auditorium, gym, and library will be open to all three grade levels. In the gym, however, the upper gym will be open for 6th grade students.  Seventh and eighth grade students are expected to stay in the lower gym.