Credit Policy

The purpose of the credit system is to create a process through which students earn promotion to the next grade level, giving the students more accountability and responsibility for their education.  It is important to remember that progressing to the next grade level is not automatic; students must earn the right through successful completion of Rigby Middle School’s credit requirements.
Possible Credits (All Grades)
Mathematics 1 credit per trimester
Language Arts 1 credit per trimester
Science 1 credit per trimester
Social Studies 1 credit per trimester
Electives 2 credits per trimester
Advisory 1 credit per year
Students will be required to earn 85% of the possible credits each school year, which is equivalent to earning 16 out of the possible 19 credits.  Students will not be allowed to lose credit for more than one trimester in each core area.  Final grades/percentages earned in a course must equate to a C- or 70% in order for a student to earn credit.
Loss of Credit Due to Absences and Tardies
Students must clear all absences with parent notes or phone calls.  Students are limited to five (5) absences in any given trimester.  Upon the 6th regular excused absence, the student loses credit. Tardies occur when the student is not following teacher classroom procedures when class starts.
Recovery Options
Summer school or other approved and accredited options.  See the school counselor for details.
In the event that a student does not successfully meet the requirements of the credit system by the beginning of the next school year, the student will not be promoted to the next grade level until the requirements are met.