About Us


At Rigby Middle School we focus on building a safe, engaging, and challenging experience in which students grow and learn.  Every day at RMS your child will interact with talented staff and highly-qualified teachers who are working together to help each student achieve.  We are committed to a safe learning environment where students feel emotionally supported and intellectually inspired.  We are here to help all students succeed with a wide selection of elective classes, advanced studies, and intervention assistance.  Parent involvement is essential to student learning, and we encourage you to volunteer periodically throughout the year, keep up-to-date on your child’s progress using PowerSchool, and communicate regularly with your child’s teachers. Together, we will prepare students to excel in the complex world in which they will live and work.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact us any time!

Our Motto: Learning for all-Together we find a way!

Our Philosophy: Every student who enters the school is important.We know that students have different physical and intellectual abilities, levels of maturity, and coping skills. Regardless of these differences, each student should have the opportunity to develop his or her own skills and talents. At Rigby Middle School we work together to provide a safe learning environment where students can develop the critical thinking skills and knowledge base needed to become productive members of society.

Our Goals:

  1. Meet different academic needs of students.
  2. Enhance student learning.
  3. Incorporate technology into classrooms.
  4. Increase use of achievement test scores for student productivity.
  5. Recognize student achievement.
  6. Develop activities for decision-making skills.
  7. Increase student awareness and development of careers skills and opportunities.
  8. Increase communication among school, students and community.
  9. Achieve continuity in the scope and sequence of school curriculum.
  10. Enhance social development through cooperative learning, varied curriculum, and extracurricular activities.